Former Pastors

These are former pastors at Woodland.


1901-1909  Rev. W. J. Howard 

1909             Rev. Morgan 

1910             Rev. Carpenter 

1910-1911  Rev. A. J. Lazenby 

1912-1914  Rev. William Kitchens 

1915-1920  Rev. Willliam Williams 

1921-1926  Rev. J. J. Gillebeau 

1926-1934  Rev. J. R. Kirkland 

1934-1939  Rev. R. W. Johnson 

1939-1954  Rev. C. W. Camp 

1954-1957  Rev. William Rudolph Evans 

1957-1958  Rev. Ronald Haire 

1958-1959  Rev. W. S. Rogers, Jr. 

1959-1964  Rev. R. R. May 

1964             Rev. Carrol Green 

1964             Rev. Lewis Gay (interim) 

1964-1968  Rev. Henry Grady Ward 

1968-1978  Rev. Doug Cotten

1979-1980  Rev. Charles McAlister  

1980-1981  Rev. Jerry Pittman 

1981-1983  Rev. Jerry Dorr 

1983-1984  Rev. Bobby Bragg (interim) 

1984-1987  Rev. Paul Posey 

1987-1994  Rev. Barney Clayton, Jr. 

1994-1998  Rev. Brian Lafavor  

1998             Rev. Alvin Jones (interim) 

1999-2001  Rev. Chuck Carswell 

2001-2009  Rev. Keith Jordan, Sr.  

2009             Rev. Jimmy Napier (interim) 

2009-2010            Rev. Don Reeves (interim)  

2011-present  Rev. Tony L. Key 


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I'm quite peslaed with the information in this one. TY!
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